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Truth-encounter Freedom Sessions


   It’s a fact - with life comes pain. Every one of us has experienced wounding in this life and the way we process such experiences can greatly affect our entire life. Even as we deal with hurts to the best of our ability, frequently we fall short of God’s best way of handling negative experiences.

   In our dealing with hurts and fears, we often come to false conclusions about ourselves, others and God. Unconsciously, we all tend to believe some of the lies whispered by the enemy of our soul, especially when we are in pain. Agreement with these lies gives the enemy a place within us (Eph 4:27) that then acts as a “stronghold” - a barrier that keeps God’s truth and healing from ever really entering our heart. The result is that our head may agree with God’s Word, yet somehow our heart doesn’t.

   “Truth-encounter freedom sessions”, as we describe them, bring us to the “heart” of our personal belief struggle.

​Who would benefit?

   Every Christian! We are all in a continuous process of being filled with the fullness of Jesus Christ, the living Word of Truth. Whether it’s getting free in areas where we seem to be “stuck”, or whether it’s just learning how to appropriate God’s Word more deeply, every member of the Body of Christ could benefit from this tender process.

Life isn't about finding yourself,

its about discovering who

God created you to be.

What does it look like?

   Have you ever gotten a lot of strings all tangled up together? Whether necklaces, threads, or fishing tackle, it always requires careful observation to see just where and how the strands were inadvertently crossed. Untangling them requires a threading back to the place where the knotting occurred in order to separate them from the undesirable bondage. Without freedom, the strings are kept from the function for which they were made.

   God is the mighty counselor and revealer of hidden things (Is 9:6; I Cor 4:5). Therefore, it is in total dependence upon the Holy Spirit’s leading that we prayerfully examine together a person’s areas of struggle (Jhn 14:26). Together, we carefully look at patterns of both personal and generational sins in order to break free of their hidden power. We then explore areas of trauma and personal wounding for the lies which may have been absorbed while dealing with them. Generally, in this process of prayerful listening, God will also reveal areas where a deeper work of repentance is needed in order to bring about a greater measure of freedom.

   Every ministry session is different in how the Holy Spirit chooses to minister to that particular individual. Always, we see Him more in loving and affirming ways. Fear is given no place in this process, rather, it is a dynamic encounter with the powerful love of God. It is a time of faith building, encouragement, deliverance, and healing.

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