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Experienced repeated failures?

You can break the cycle …

Inhibited from changing certain life patterns?

You can break through ...


Want to just “start over” and do things differently?

With God you can!

This is a hands-on workshop dealing with our personal strongholds and negative life patterns.

Learn step by step how to dismantle life-long obstructions to your peace, success, and joy.

Experience breakthrough and learn how to maintain the freedom received from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bondage and limitations.

In this time together, we will give your spiritual keys that unlock your true God-given potential.

Reconstructing Lives Freedom Workshop

presented by Vivian Alderfer, Set Free to Set Free


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Have you experienced repeated failures despite your very best efforts?

               You can break the cycle...

Do you feel inhibited from changing certain life patterns?

                 You can break through...

Did you ever want to just "start over" and do things differently?

                     With God you can!

This handbook contains practical information and understanding that has been proven to effectively reconstruct hundreds of lives. This book will help you build a whole new life.



Lives are being changed! You can help . . .

Donations sponsor ministry to those in desperate need.

God is turning lives around through Set Free to Set Free.


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How do we remove the hidden "harmful ways" (Psalm 139:23) that negatively affect our lives?

This pamphlet guides you through God's pattern for getting free of the things that unconsciously weigh us down and prevent us from walking freely with Him in joyful intimacy, love, power and a sound mind. A great tool to keep handy for frequent use.

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